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This small selection acts as a portfolio of our previous work - Mosaic Multimedia is no longer trading but we are still able to provide advice and support (where agreed) for Client websites we built previously.
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All websites featured are live (each website opens in a new browser window).


Custom Database Driven Website Application

Our Cyprus based clients started up their property monitoring and maintenance company and needed a website which would be their main point of contact with their customer base - and allow new customers to find their services. We were happy to oblige, giving them a custom built website solution with Customer Registration and Login (allows access to customers' Property Monitoring Reports).
Our Client has full control over updating all essential text and photos etc. and a great reporting system where they can fill out any necessary fields, add photographs as required, and the customer can view all the info, presented as a report, upon Login.
We have recently introduced the Hot Properties section for our Client (04/2012)

Cyprus HomeGuard - click to visit

Echolite Electrics - click to visit

Custom database driven website

Our Clients needed a new website which gave a more professional and dynamic first impression to their potential clients.

They wanted a website they had full control over for all main content, including contact number changes etc. (snapshot shown left - click image to full website).
With our solution (PHP MySQL database driven website) they can do all of the above and publish photographs to their Galleries to show examples of refurbishments, etc. - and upload News / Special Offers and much more ..
The web-based site Admin (very user friendly) means Echolite can log in and update their website from any computer with an internet connection.

Further custom features can be incorporated in future, as required.


Custom e-commerce website for a Polish & Eastern European Grocery / Delicatessen / General supplies - with local delivery from their real world shop.

All categories and products are changed by our Client, logging into their custom Admin area from any computer with internet access, They can also update other areas for content, such as News and Homepage Announcements and all text - In both Polish and English.

Polish European Shopping  website - click to visit

Ellesmere Children's Centre, Nursery in Sheffield - click to visit


Custom website with database elements; for in-house content management

Our Clients needed a new website to inform and interact with parents and carers even when the nursery is closed, and also for those searching for child care / nursery care in Sheffield to find out more! They need to post diary events and announcements and be able to change photos in their Galleries whenever they wish.
With our solution they can do all of the above, publish News & Announcements, input details of all the Centre's events coming up using the Calendar - which is colour coded by category, upload photos to their Galleries (images protected).. all in a colourful, cheerful child friendly design, which reflects their nursery throughout.

The site Admin is simple and allows different levels of access so that Centre staff can log into the database to manage content as and when they need to.

Further custom features can be incorporated if required.

the old website

Website Re-design
(with additional Business Card - Design for Print)

The client is a renowned drummer and drum teacher, founder of Drummers Alliance
- but the website did not reflect his professional status. The design was basic to say the least, but importantly there was very little useful content for Google etc. to pick up on.

The website we provided was designed to appeal to a wide cross-section of visitors (the client works with individuals aswell as within schools/ colleges) and after going live the enquiries have improved enormously and the search engines are now picking up every page of the new website.

Drummers Alliance (Toni's organisation for drummers everywhere) now sell T-Shirts on the website - and Toni has his Downloadable Tutorial DVDs available for sale too, All website sales are using the Paypal gateway linkup.

Toni Cannelli Drumming website - click to visit

NDT Ltd website - click to visit
the old website

Website Re-design
The client is a respected, very long established Non Destructive Testing Company whose website was out of date and not appealing to potential new customers.
The new site is straight to the point; all services are clearly marked and linked to full information. The overall appearance is now sleek and professional and search engine friendly.

**Update - New custom Admin application developed for NDT Services (attached to a separate domain name) - this application allows NDT to deliver Test Reports directly to their Clients online, through a secure download interface, speeding up the whole Reporting process for the customer.


Charity (mini) website

The daughter of one of our existing Clients required an online presence, to link up her Charity enterprise in the real world with potential customers online.
Miss Cannon sells great value vegetable and herb seed packets (ideal gifts)!
All payments are via the Paypal gateway.

The site design follows through from Miss Cannon's inspired theme, based on the WW2 'Dig for Victory' campaign.

We are updating the site for Alicia as she expands her range of seed packets and raises funds, and are pleased to announce that she is the WINNER of the BiG Challenge 2011 competition, for young entrepreneurs, the reason for starting the enterprise in the first place.

Dig for Charity is progressing wonderfully, and has already raised over £1,200 for Western Park Hospital's Cancer Charity (Sheffield, UK).

Visit the website shown right, for updates and to Support Dig for Charity!

Dig for Charity - click to visit

The Tanning & Beauty Clinic website - click to visit


Website design

Our client runs a well established beauty salon in Sheffield UK, offering a wide range of beauty / grooming treatments, to women and men. Their old website had become very fractured over a number of years and looked very neglected. We started from scratch and brought them a new 'simple, professional and attractive' website (client's brief) - with all information presented in the one central area, making a fast, no-nonsense website which can be updated quickly.



Custom Database Driven Website
(Also CD Inlays / Booklet + A2 Poster, various flyers - all Design for Print

Our Client, a band from Sheffield UK with links to Poland, who tour constantly previously had what could be termed as a 'start up site'; just a few pages with means to contact the band (old site illustrated, right).
Over time we had added video and audio, but it was time for a redesign and the band needed to have direct control over the site's content, wherever they were in the world at the time.
Old Zenon Music website - click to visit new database website

New Zenon/Zee website, click to visit

The band now have a database driven website where they can directly input News and Announcements, update their photo Galleries and Band Photos/Biogs and more. They have Twitter and Facebook Feeds and Links throughout the site. They can add new releases (for purchase online) and music videos (which also feature on the home page in a jukebox style player..) and send out mailshots (fans can sign up on the site's front end : )
All updates are made via their online, user friendly, secure Admin area. Further custom features can be incorporated as required : )

Casanova website - click to visit

Website Re-design

Our Client refurbished their Sheffield restaurant, making it a much more contemporary environment, so needed their website to reflect that new image
(old website pictured right)
We gave the website a complete makeover incorporating new photographs and the Client also updated all their textual content and introduced new areas, expanding the website.


former Casanova Website

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